Here is the list of the treatments for which the DentoPlan program offers adapted financing solutions for your situation.


Regain a real quality of life

To solve the discomfort problems caused by a partial, complete, inadequate or poorly adjusted prosthesis, a fixed prothesis installed on dental implants is the solution. You will be able to consume all your favourite foods without fearing a prosthesis slip-up. No more adhesives and residual bad breath. And you will be able to smile with all your teeth!

Dental Braces or transparent orthodontic appliances (invisible aligners)

For beautiful aligned teeth

Conventional orthodontics

Thanks to the traditional orthodontic technique, teeth are rapidly straightened virtually painlessly until the desired alignment. The pressure applied on the teeth is minimal and regular. The housings provide maximum comfort while preserving the teeth.

Invisible aligners - Invisalign ©

Today’s technology makes it possible to obtain a great smile without the discomfort of metal on your teeth. Specifically designed to fit your mouth, the aligners are invisible and can treat various orthodontic irregularities.

Porcelain or composite veneers

For healthy-looking teeth

A veneer is a thin ceramic or composite layer attached the front surface of a tooth. Made-to-measure in laboratory from the imprint of your teeth, or in-house, done in accordance with the chosen technique.

Bridges and crowns

Improve your condition

Crowns and bridges are actually porcelain teeth permanently attached to your natural teeth. Made of ceramics, the closest material to the enamel’s attributes, these prothesis offer aesthetics and resistance advantages.

Endodontics (Root canal treatment)

How to avoid tooth extraction

Some cases, such as deep cavities, a damaged filling, an accident or a crack can put the tooth at risk of a bacterial infiltration. To avoid infection, the dental pulp must be removed by endodontic treatment. This simple and effective procedure preserves the tooth and prevents more damage.


Unhealthy gums

Do not wait until your gingivitis turns into periodontitis! If you notice redness, swelling, food impaction between the teeth, loosening, mobility or shifting of the teeth, bad breath (halitosis), sensitivity to cold and bleeding, inquire about the treatments that reduce the risk or effectively treats periodontitis.

Tooth decay (Cavity)

Better safe than sorry

How is a cavity formed? It appears when the enamel undergoes advanced erosion, due to the bacteria that make up plaque. Prevention is the best weapon against cavities: adopt good oral hygiene habits and see your dental hygienist regularly.

Teeth whitening

For a dazzling white smile

The consumption of tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea or natural aging are all factors that alter the colour of teeth. To restore the radiance of your smile, whitening is the appropriate treatment. The treatment is safe, quick and efficient and does not damage the tooth enamel.