Since its creation in 1999, DentoPlan is the only program that exclusively offers financing for dental care. Hence, patients can benefit from competitive loans for treatments, starting at only $300. They can cover the their health costs through monthly payments adapted to their financial situation.
DentoPLANmakes every effort to ensure a quick an easy credit approbation. Everyone deserves to be able to take care of their smile.

Our Mission

To facilitate your access to a financial resource for your dental health care while benefitting from our expertise and a unique personalized support.


Our trusted expert consultants in financing will find the solution that best suits your situation. Trust our financing expert consultants to offer the solution that suits yoursituation the best. In addition to using their knowledge and working experience in dentistry, they are responsive to your needs, they understand your reality and are with you every step of the way.

Louise Bélisle
Louise joined the DentoPlan program in 2002. A dental hygiene graduate, she has worked in a private office as a dental hygienist and has held the sales representative position in multiple internationally renowned dental companies. Her human qualities make her an attentive and understanding communicator who is constantly looking for the best solutions.

Kathleen Lepage
Kathleen joined the team in 2014 as a financial consultant assistant. With her 15 years of experience as a treatment coordinator and a dental clinic manager, she has stood out by her efficiency and her organization skills. Her dental environment knowledge gives her the expertise necessary to meet your needs.

Sylvie Barbeau
Sylvie joined the DentoPlan Program team in June 2020. She has more than twenty years of experience in positions at various levels of responsibility under her belt, including 13 years as a dental secretary, and a vast experience as a resource person for both employees and customers. She has strong customer service, interpersonal and teamwork skills. Sylvie B. is known for being a very cheerful, dynamic, reliable person with a great sense of organization. She is committed to giving you the best service possible, always accompanied by a smile.

Sylvie Simoneau
Sylvie, a financing assistant, joined the DentoPlan Program team in July 2020. With several years of secretarial experience, including 9 years at a dental clinic, she understands the importance of obtaining appropriate dental care. Her organizational skills, as well as her calm and empathetic personality, allows her to give professional advice to support you in your financing process.