DentoPlan is a comprehensive training and support program in “dental financing”, offered to clinics since 1999. By offering this exclusive, simple and flexible program to the patient, you give them immediate access to an optimal and complete treatment plan. In other words, we take care of their finances so that you can take care of their dental health.

Our mission

To offer your patients and clinic personnel a complete dental financing consulting service to facilitate the access to health loans of a minimum of $300.

Our team

Hailing from the dental health field, our consultants offer initial training as well as an on-demand refresher training to help familiarize your staff with the DentoPlan program. They also provide you with all the material necessary for the operation of the health loan while offering competitive rates and terms to your patients. Thereby, your mind can be at ease while you focus on giving the best care to your patients who, with their financial plan, have piece of mind.

Louise Bélisle
Louise joined the DentoPlan program in 2002. A dental hygiene graduate, she has worked in a private office as a dental hygienist and has held the sales representative position in multiple internationally renowned dental companies. Her human qualities make her an attentive and understanding communicator who is constantly looking for the best solutions.

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